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Power of AI in Knowledge

Combining AI with knowledge management is changing how businesses grow, use and manage their knowledge bases while improving knowledge management solutions.

I used AI and ChatGPT to summarize this great paper "Attention Is All You Need" - first as a child 👦 and then as a programmer 🤓.. here are the results!


Summary for a Child

Summary for a Programmer


AI tools can make content, fix typos and grammar mistakes, and suggest the right business words for each article.

They can also measure the effect of the content by combining data from different sources, and reminding important people to check and update the content to keep it current.

AI also helps to improve processes within knowledge management for organizations. For example, AI-driven search engines allow easy access to relevant data, removing the need for lots of manual searching.

AI knowledge management transforms how you store, manage and classify knowledge assets. It analyzes user behavior and preferences to provide personalized recommendations for relevant content and enhance knowledge discovery.

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