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What is Intelligent Search: Why is it Important?

Intelligent search is the process of locating information as quickly as it is needed, regardless of where it is kept. It makes use of cognitive technologies such as AI and ML to give the most accurate customized search results.

The difficulty of accessing information throughout an organization has caused management to become accustomed to poor search results and to devote more resources to locating information more quickly. However, this is now a thing of the past!

To give consumers more accurate and personalized search results, Intelligent Search employs AI technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, semantic search, and natural language processing. It breaks down data silos in businesses, allowing information to be extracted from potentially any data source.

Search intelligence can deliver smarter results faster and provides a single point of access to enterprise content sources, allowing data to be enhanced, searched, and analyzed in both structured and unstructured formats.

How Does Intelligent Enterprise Search Work?

Search intelligence must be able to link to various data sources, index them for discoverability and rapid querying, and utilize its built-in algorithms to give the appropriate information at the right moment to the right audience, whether it was a person or any solution.

Connect to various data sources

The first stage is to be able to link to many sorts of data sources, such as document management systems, cloud sharing solutions, CRMs, and so on. Most market solutions have interfaces to previously mentioned information repositories, allowing them to crawl accessible data (both structured and unstructured)

Content indexing

Because data is now available, the technologies available enable the creation of a unified search index that allows for the ranking of search results regardless of their original source. Intelligent search technology helps create indexing among the most important information.

Intelligent document understanding: At this point, it will begin extracting information from these documents in order to better identify and classify the sorts of documents, which may be legal, financial, or presentations and videos.

Intelligent enterprise search transforms workplace search into something more like the Internet, more personalized, and significantly more valuable to team members, resulting in a variety of benefits for businesses such as faster information access, more informed business decisions, and improved efficiency.


  • Improved Efficiency

  • Better Insights

  • Find Answers Faster

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Securing Business Data

The Future of Intelligent Search

Enterprise search should not simply provide matching criteria to workers; they have advanced sufficiently to grasp what users are seeking for across enterprises.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) are playing an important part in determining which results to return and are always learning from past searches.

Intelligent search will continue to improve human natural language by determining the meaning associated with each inquiry.

Voice with intelligent search and graphical search are increasingly outnumbering solely text searches. Organizations will undoubtedly adapt and use voice with intelligent search to locate information and improve information accessibility.

As per the research of Gartner, the voice search has improved by 30% from the last 5 years and surely it will continue to increase.

Time has become a more valuable resource, and people are looking for the simplest and quickest solutions to every problem. The act of inputting a query and scrolling through the pages for results has examined a variety of methods.

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